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Euphorbia White Ghost

Euphorbia White Ghost

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A very unique succulent that captures the essence of modern minimalist aesthetics with its ghostly white appearance. This mini variety of the 'White Ghost' is a perfect addition to any indoor plant collection. This is a low-maintenance plant.

Potted in Deskbotany's specialized soil mix and comes along in a handmade Deskbotany Planter.

Plant Care Guide
Water: Water thoroughly then allow soil to dry between waterings. Recommended to water once a week, or when soil dry out completely.

Light: Place in a spot where there is medium to bright indirect sunlight. 

ø 8cm x H 10-15cm

Do note that the photos provided are for illustration purposes only. While you will receive the exact plant breed depicted, the actual plant you receive will vary in height, width, stalks or leaves. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us before placing your order.

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