What do our products contain?

Our product features precisely measured flaxseed that has been specially treated for optimal benefits. To enhance the calming effect, we have also included dried French Lavender flowers, providing a subtle and soothing aroma.

How long does our product stay warm?

Our product can provide up to 30-40 minutes of warmth, depending on the ambient temperature and range.

How do I clean the product?

To clean your product, simply use a lightly dampened cloth to surface wash it. Please avoid immersing it in water, as this can damage the filling material.

What age are the products suitable for?

While our heatable products are safe for individuals of all ages, ita is important to exercise caution and use them only under adult supervision

What is the best way to store our products?

For optimal storage, we suggest keeping your Plushee product in a cool, dry location.

Heating Instructions


Cook or heat at 175 degrees for 2 minutes. Please refrain from placing the plush toy directly on the metal railing to prevent burns.


1-2 Minutes